These are just a few characteristics of Laurent’s approach:

  • He creates a visual narrative built around a striking and perfect “hero” image, to seduce and determine  the client to want to see more.
  • He produces a visual portfolio that recreates a global image of the interiors, exteriors and surroundings included: aerial photographs are particularly useful to this end, as they offer an unusual and full perspective.
  • He employs a lifestyle photography approach and create contexts that allow the potential clients to dream of their next, heavenly vacation. The image of a chaise longue on a terrace, for example, with a wide perspective on the sea, gives the viewer enough space and the opportunity to imagine being there.
  • He sees that the visuals harmoniously integrate with your overall advertising campaign.
  • He sees that the work commissioned is ready on time, that the photographs are properly stocked on secure servers and never get lost.
  • He offers his services at the highest possible standards, and his pricing structure is optimal and flexible, in order to fit your needs and requirements.