Architecture Photography

Architecture photography demands High Fidelity images.
We’ve learnt through the years to capture architecture projects, ensuring accurate reproduction of forms, geometries, colours and tones.

Yachting Photography

Laurent St Jean is a RYA Ocean Yachtmaster, has lived and travelled 4 yeras full time on a yacht and is able to understand all the specificities, technical challenges that yachts are faced with. This, combined with our architectural knowledge of capture still and video content gives us the hability to produce outstanding images.

Real Estate Photography

Experience matters. Since 2009, we have offered our professional photography services to premium real estate agencies on the French Riviera. Having successfully dealt with professional brokers, exclusive property owners and their clients, we now possess not only a great deal of expertise in architecture and photography in the French Riviera, but also an in-depth knowledge of the very specific sector of luxury real estate.

Hotellerie Photography

As a hotellerie / hospitality photographer with an experienced eye and a thorough knowledge of this particular industry, Laurent has the know-how to produce images that will convey the uniqueness and the superiority of the services offered by your hotel.

Aerial Photography

Sometimes the beauty of a luxury real estate reveals itself the best when viewed in motion, from a high vantage point.

The value of many luxury properties lies not only within the villa and its distinctive interiors, but in their outdoors as well. There are properties with an exceptional location, landscaped gardens and other outdoors amenities that need to be presented in the best possible way.